The Free Flight Machine…

When people ask me how I’m able to travel so much, they usually assume I’m secretly loaded with cash. I laugh… I cry… and then I show them a picture of my beat up 1999 Subaru Forester that I’ve been driving since 2006.

So, nope… I am not what some would call “wealthy.”

Little red getting towed

But, with that being said, here are the stats:

  • I haven’t paid full price for a flight (that I didn’t have to) in over 6 years
  • I’ve saved myself easily over $40,000 in flights in those 6 years
  • I’ve been to 5 new continents and 20+ new countries in that span
  • I’ve flown in Emirates and Etihad First Class (plus more Business Classes); These total over $25,000 by themselves
  • I’ve saved a collective $100,000+ in airfare for tons of other people who I’ve taught the same exact methods I use

Is it a scam? Nah… It’s strategy!

And it took me 5 years of deep, deep research, one-on-one training with other “gurus,” and a whole lot of trial-and-error to perfect.

The truth is, once you start showing up to First Class passenger lounges in backpacking gear and a shirt you’ve worn for 5 days straight, people start to wonder how the hell I’m doing what I’m doing.

After probably 1,000 questions from numerous family and friends (and complete strangers), I decided I needed to write out my method so I could share it with them and anyone else who wanted to create their own free travel autonomy, or just some awesome travel memories.

The end result was The Free Flight Machine

The Free Flight Machine included:

  • An all-encompassing, step-by-step digital instruction manual to getting free flights on repeat
  • Several one-sheeters and a few case studies as a primer
  • Extra (optional) spreadsheets to help you track your free flight earnings and redemptions
  • A video master class to walk you through the 10 steps to your first free flight
  • An audio version in case you’re too busy to read the manual (or you just don’t like reading)
  • Access to a Facebook Group to ask and answer any questions
  • A membership site that provides a bunch of bonus information
  • A guarantee of $1,000 in free flights within one year or your money back

What did it cost?

It cost $97… with the guarantee of earning at least $1,000 in free flights

So what happened? Two things:

  1. I simply could not keep up with managing the membership site by myself
  2. Even though a $1,000 return-on-investment was guaranteed, many people shied away from spending $97 for something that was supposed to be saving them money.

But if a tool that helps people travel more, which is my mission in life, still seems inaccessible to some, then I am failing my mission.

So I decided it’s time to drastically change the playing field:

  • If you’re interested in flying for free (plus some minor mandatory government taxes and fees)…
  • If you want to go see family and friends more…
  • If you want to save a ton money on all those weddings you have to go to each year…
  • If you want to experience the trip of a lifetime…
  • If you want to taste what traveling in First Class feels like…

I hope I take the risk out flying free by dropping the Free Flight Machine…

…to only $19.00

…a savings of 80% off the original price and a value easily over $1,000.

Just imagine…

for the same cost as a movie ticket and some popcorn, you could learn the skills necessary to fly around the world in First Class for chump change.

While these skills can be learned and applied by anyone around the world, I will not mislead you and say right now that this free flight method will be more successful for U.S. citizens who have at least a basic understanding of money management.

If you fit the criteria of a travel-thirsty person who is excited to earn free flights like a machine, I encourage you to join us below.

Still not convinced?

If you’re still not sure the Free Flight Machine system is right for you, then I have a second option for you.

I’ve gone ahead and simplified the entire process into a “10 Steps To You First Free Flight” guide. And then, I went ahead and made a 1-hour, in-depth Master Class Video Training example that will walk you through each part of the guide, step-by-step.

By the end of the video we will have virtually earned and booked a flight together.

The cost of this video?

Just $4.00…

Further more…

If you are unsatisfied with EITHER product, you can simply send me a line and I’ll send your money back, no questions asked.

So are you ready to take off?

Free Flight Machine
  • Free Flight Machine Manual
  • FFM Manual Audiobook
  • Master Class Training Video
  • 10 Step eGuide
  • Credit Basics
  • Cheap Flight Machine
  • Case Studies
  • One-Page Profile Tool
  • Credit Card Tracker
  • Points Tracker
  • Min. Spend Calculator
  • Wishlist Tracker
Master Class Training
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  • X
  • Master Class Training Video
  • 10 Steps eGuide
  • Credit Basics Guide
  • Cheap Flight Machine
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Free Flight Machine